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Black Tint Hair Gel

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What is Tint Toning Balm

 Tint Toning Balm is a soft holding cream that temporarily tones down white hair for a natural look while styling the hair instantly. Look younger, naturally in seconds. Created for that "less salt, more pepper," look. 

This will not 100% cover grey hairs. It will simply tone down the bright white hairs for a more natural look. Our clients love it. 

✔️easy to apply

👉🏽smudge resistant when dry

🕗all day coverage

✈️ express shipping available

How to Apply

Lightly rub desired amount evenly between your palms. Work the balm into dry or damp clean hair. Repeat as needed and style. Let dry and avoid unnecessary touching. For EXTRA protection against smudging or fading, use our TINT setting spray. Recommended to wash out before bed. 


aqua ethanol, dimethicone, glycerin, castor oil, PEF-400 Fragrance, tetrasodium, EDTA, MIT, propylenglycol, d-panthenol, benzophenone, triethanolamine, polyacrylic acid, Polyvinylpyrrolidone,  vinyl acetate, copolymer, cl77499, cl77510